This blog will die

05/15, 2008

The internets have to many things to distract us (twitter, facebook, IM, email, blogging, forums, myspace, making lots of money) so I’ve decided to cut down on activities and consolidate others.  Therefore, effective now, I will no longer be using as a blog.  I will migrate all my blogging activity to Tumblr, which is my new favorite blogging platform!  The new blog site is, and it is far more minimalistic and awesome.  Coopreme will be redesigned as a home for my various internet services, maybe i’ll set up an archive of these posts… probably not.


American Dollar

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Thank GodFinally my Spring semester is over!!! 21 hours of college, mostly on two days a week is not fun at all… I don’t recommend trying it unless your feeling like inflicting a little self punishment. I wrapped up today with 5 exams and finally I’m free. For kicks the classes that I took were: Business Application Development, C#.Net Programming, Management Info Systems, Macro Economics, Finite Math, Accounting 2, Intro to Business Law. Needless to say it was a heavy load! But now the Summer is here and I get to take a break (for 12 days), getting to work with a new company doing things I love. But come May 12 I get to do 6 hours in a 3 week semester, lllooonnnngggg classes…. Then come June 1 the Summer can begin. Next up: Senior Year.

Rounded Corners for ImagesRoundPic. A awesome, minimalistic service that makes a task extremely simple.

We all need to round off the corners on some pics every now and then to make them look good for the internets, but before we always to go into Paint.Net, photoshop, or the GIMP. Introducing RoundPic, it just rounds off the corners of a picture that you upload or link to. It also lets you resize, change quality, choose the corners you want rounded, pick the size of the roundness, and choose a background color (or transparent png). This little site has made my life .82% easier and therefor I suggest everyone to use it.

RoundPic – Round off those images

Exciting changes for me (work wise)…. so, as of now I’m going to pause all services offered. More updates to come! :)

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